【SWUST’s Spotligh】SWUST’s International Students Won Good Results in China(Bozhou) International Fitness Qigong Expo

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The Fifth China (Bozhou) International Qigong Expo, the First National Qigong (Wuqinxi) Competition was held in Bozhou, Anhui Province from September 18 to 20. Nearly 400 athletes from 74 teams from 23 countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada, participated in the event. SWUST international student team, led by Professor Huang Xiaofang from the School of Computer Science and Technology and coached by Mr. Shi Wei from the School of Physical Education and Health, participated in the competition.

The Expo was jointly organized by the Health Qigong Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the China Health Qigong Association, the Sports Bureau of Anhui Province and the Peoples Government of Bozhou City. Participants competed in four events: Wuqinxi, Yijin jing, Baduanjin and campus Wuqinxi. Each event is divided into group and individual competitions.

SWUST team participated in both the team and individual competitions of Wuqinxi and Baduanjin and won two second prizes and three third prizes in team events, and three second prizes and three third prizes in individual events of Baduanjin.

After the competition, the international student team of SWUST had friendly exchanges with other international student teams from Wuhan University, Nanjing University Of Chinese Medicine, Hainan Normal University and Lishui University.

Edited by Wang Liming

Translated by Zhao Qinglu

Contributions by School of Computer Science and Technology of SWUST