SWUST Receives “Excellent” in National Social Science Foundation

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Recently, the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences released the completion status of the foundation project, youth and the western of the National Social Science Found of China of September 2023. The project “Research on Overseas Spread of Internet Literature and China’s Experience in Globalization” led by Zhou Bing, professor of the School of Literature and Arts of Southwest University of Science and Technology (SWUST), was rated as “Excellent”. This is the first time that SWUST has received “Excellent” from the National Social Science Found of China in the research of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Based primarily on the context of globalization and the media revolution, the projects findings consist of three volumes and nine chapters. Through literature research, surveys, interviews and comparative analysis, the researchers have systematically sorted out the situation of overseas spread of Chinese net literature, from a macroscopic perspective, and presented the basic characteristics of overseas spread of Chinese Internet literature. The research defines and explores the Chinese experience in the process of spreading Chinese net literature, considering the Chinese narrative and Chinese stories in Chinese net literature. It also focuses on case studies, analyzing specific texts, websites of translated Chinese online literature, readers comments, etc., to evaluate the effects of the overseas spread and discuss the possibilities and limitations of the construction of a net literature community.

Since the project was granted in 2017, Prof. Zhou Bing has led the research team to overcome the research difficulties of overseas spread of Chinese web literature in English, French, Spanish, Russian and other languages. They conducted interviews with 12 network writers from both domestic and international sources, distributed over 3000 questionnaires, and collected nearly one million words of various materials. The team also wrote a book and over 10 research articles in professional journals such as Guangming Daily, Social Science in China, Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism, Novel Review, Study & Exploration, and Internet Literature Review.

The National Social Science Foundation is one of the most important projects in the field of humanities and social sciences in China, and it owns fierce declaration competition and strict completion audit. Among the 419 projects, a total of 23 projects were rated as Excellent, with an excellence rate of only 5.48%. This evaluation is a high recognition of the achievements of SWUST in the field of network literature research.

Since the implementation of Philosophy and Social Science Revitalization Plan in SWUST, 27 National Social Science Foundation project led by SWUST have completed. Among them, 8 were rated good. This year, for the first time, one project won the excellent grade, reflecting the continuous improving quality of the research of NSRF projects hosted by SWUST. It also showcases the primary results the Division of Social Sciences has made in the continuous efforts to promote the cultivation of landmark research findings. These delightful outcomes have an important and positive significance for the construction of the first-class disciplines of SWUST and the construction and development of the new liberal arts.

Edited by Wang Liming

Translated by Zhao Qinglu

Contributions by Department of Social Sciences and School of Literature and Art of SWUST